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Bahawalpur Zoological Garden

Zoo Establishment:

Sir, Nawab Sadiq of Bahawalpur, in 1942, established the 25-acres Bahawalpur Zoo in city of Bahawalpur ( a state at that time)!


Bahawalpur is a city, which lies just south of the Sutlej River. Nawab of the Daudputra family, Muhammad Bahawal Khan Abbasi I, founded the city in 1748, which was later incorporated as a municipality in 1874. The Abbasi family ruled over the State for more than 200 years (1748 to 1954).

Bahawalpur was formerly an Indian princely state and is now a part of Pakistan. The region stretches for more than 300 miles along the Sutlej, Panjnad, and Indus River with practically all of its territory in the Thar Desert. Its rulers became independent of Afghans in early 19th century; made treaty with British in 1838 and later joined Pakistan in 1947.

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Bahawalpur originally was a vassal of the great Sikh empire built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In 1936 Bahawalpur stopped paying tribute and openly declared independence. In the Anglo Sikh wars, Bahawalpur supported the British and this guaranteed its survival.

During the rule of the last Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, Bahawalpur State merged with Pakistan in 1954. Bahawalpur was formerly the capital of the state and now it is the District and Divisional Headquarters of Bahawalpur Division.


101 km. from Multan - 90 minutes drive

449 Kilometers from Lahore - 9 - 10 hours drive

Bahawalpur Zoo is known for achievements in its breeding programs . It has produced some surprising records in breeding of several species in Pakistan over many years especially the African lions have shown distinguishing results in their breeding at Bahawalpur Zoo.

The Bengali tigress gave birth to two cubs in captivity at Bahawalpur zoo. Similarly, the bear and the Leopard have also bred in this zoo.

Further, indigenous species like Hog Deer, Spotted Deer, Blue Bull, Chinkara, Black Buck etc. are breeding successfully in the zoo.

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